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Since 1981, we have been providing Mapping and Pre Planning services, software, support and Training. We offer In-Vehicle Mapping software, Custom Mapping and GIS Services. We also provide Pre-Planning services, On-Site Field Surveys and Drafting services. FIREbasePIP was first copyright back in 1994. For nearly two decades Fire Fighters have been counting on FIREbasePIP for their Pre-Incident Planning needs. We'll go On-Site and perform the Field Survey for you! We've done Hazmat Sites, Schools, Apartments, Offices complexes, High-Rise buildings, whatever needs to be Pre-Planned!

A BRAND NEW version of FIREbaseMAP In-Vehicle Mapping software is now available! It works in your web browser, with your local GIS map and now includes Bing Maps! FIREbaseMAP can be run via the internet or from your local hard drive.

FIREbasePIP was completely re-written from the ground up with version 8. We've included your feedback from over the years. Brand new and easier than ever to use. Still opens and saves in the 'DWG' drawing format.

No project too small or too large! A dozen Pre-Plans or 15,000 Pre-Plans? We gotcha covered!

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A special thanks to all the brave Firefighters, Police and Military personnel who put their lives on the line every day for us. Thank you!